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Thank you for visiting the MobiVET 2.0 website. Our aim is to fill the online gap between the self-guided learners and VET trainers. As the project progresses, we will have further outcomes that as a teacher you can make full use of. More information about this can be found in the Aims & Outcomes.

The website will be regularly updated with the latest information about the project progress and with interesting news and articles in several languages about different tools that are available for Teachers and Vocational Education Trainers.

Whilst we invite you to stay in touch via FaceBook, feel free to contact us directly via email on mobivet(at)acrosslimits.com

Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers

Communication in classrooms is more complex and unpredictable than in many other situations. As a teacher, understanding the unique features and functions of communication in the classroom is very important.

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Survey of Schools:
ICT in Education

Benchmarking Access, Use and Attitudes to Technology in Europe’s Schools

Based on over 190,000 responses from students, teachers and head teachers collected and analysed during the school year 2011-12, the Survey of Schools: ICT in Education provides detailed, up-to-date and reliable benchmarking of Information and Communication Technologies in school level education acrossEurope, painting a picture of educationaltechnology in schools:from infrastructure provision to use, confidence and attitudes.

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A Theory
of Fun for
Game Design

A theory of fun

A go-to text for gamification,
educators, trainers, and interaction
designers. Used in dozens of
university-level programs on
game design all around the world.

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