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(MT) is a dynamic SME and creative e-Business, Internet and Knowledge Management solutions provider based in Malta. It provides various services relating to Information Technology focusing mostly on creating e-commerce and e-business solutions for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). It is also actively involved in the research and development of innovative solutions for e-learning and teleworking, as well as being experts in the configuration and programming of cross-platform systems.

Role in the project: promoter and coordinator; online training methodology "test-bed".


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(BG) is a SME founded in 1990 with major scope of work focussed on research, consulting and engineering in the field of information technology services.

The main areas of specific expertise and competence include knowledge management - research and development of digital libraries and knowledge repositories; integrated (knowledge, learning and performance) management systems; E-learning/e-training; publishing services.

Role in the project: e-training content provider; project website and online training platform design and development; graphic design and e-publishing.

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GET - Grupo Echevarría & Tecnomedia
 (ES). Since 1997 Grupo Echevarría & Tecnomedia has prepared, managed and provided technical assistance to different European projects in the area of programs and initiatives funded by European funds. These projects has been its own initiative or for public and private organizations.

GET has hosted more than 700 participants in the most diverse professional sectors.

Role in the project: co-author of the test and evaluation methodology; online training methodology "test-bed". Leading partner of WP8.

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e-Training Solutions
(DE) is a private SME which develops innovative online and off-line synchronous and asynchronous training resources. Main areas of expertise are multimedia production, writing and developing instructional materials, conducting needs assessments and evaluation. eTS develops and supports a proprietary content management system for websites and electronic books.

Role in the project: development of the e-tutoring Guide and test and evaluation methodology.

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The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
 (SK), Slovak Agricultural University is a top University in the area of agri-sciences in Slovakia with currently approximately 10 000 students and 2 500 members of staff. At its six faculties to provide unique study programmes on the all three levels of university study in the area of Agricultural, Renewable Energy Resources, Automation and Informatics, Economics and Management etc. Educational systems using ECTS credit system, modern learning’s methods supported with ICT. The research activities at SUA are a part of the intellectual background not only in the agricultural sector, where it maintains an exclusive position among Slovak universities, but it also emphasizes its position in other sectors in recent years. SUA has bilateral or multilateral agreements and contacts with more than 60 foreign partners and is involved in projects of 6th and 7th Framework Programs, PHARE, FAO, COST and INCO-COPERNICUS of scientific and research international cooperation.

Role in the project: co-authors of the test and evaluation methodology; online training methodology "test-beds".

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The University of Patras
(EL) comprises 20 academic departments, which offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The Computer Engineering & Informatics Department (CEID) is one of the more active and famous departments of the University with 30 academic staff, 20 external teaching staff, 1000 undergraduate and 200 postgraduate students.

The participating team belongs to the Graphics, Multimedia and Geographical Information Systems (GMGIS) Lab. The Lab consists of 4 faculty members, 3 post-doc researchers and about 15 postgraduate students, active in the areas of Internet applications, multimedia and geographical information systems and artificial intelligence. The university is experienced in e-learning, open, on-line and multimedia education. The Lab has been involved in several National and European projects.

Role in the project: co-authors of the test and evaluation methodology; online training methodology "test-beds".

European Training Centre
(RO) is a non-profit entity with juridical personality, supporting the research, expertise and training activities. CTE is actively committed in the establishment of an ongoing and effective dialogue between members, focused on Training, Research, Development, and Innovation.

In conformity to its statute, CTE aims to encourage, organize and support lifelong learning activities, contributing therefore to the development of the Community as an advanced knowledge-base society; foster, interchange, cooperate and create mobility between education and training systems in European Community; support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practices.

Role in the project: co-author of the Guide, co-author and final editor of the Digital competence course.


MobiVET 2.0 Team
at the first project meeting
January 2013, Malta